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All admissions will be processed through Suffolk Local Authority.

The local Authority will consult with the school to establish if:

  • The school is suitable for the Pupil’s age, ability, aptitude and special educational needs as set out in the Educational Health and Care (EHC) plan
  • The pupil’s placement in the school is compatible with the efficient education of other pupils with whom the pupil would be educated.
  • The placement is an efficient use of resources
  • Parents have expressed a preference for the school

Each application is assessed on an individual basis. In each case, we take account of the needs of the individual pupil and consider whether the school would be suitable to meet their needs.

  • Pupils must be aged between Nine and Sixteen years (years 5-11) at the time of admission. For admissions for academic years 2021/22 pupils will be years 5-9 only.
  • Pupils will have an EHC Plan, specifying that he/she has specific difficulties with communication and interaction or a diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorder.

Pupils communication and interaction needs will be complex and a significant barrier to their learning;

However, pupil’s attainment or cognitive levels should fall within the broad average and above average range.

Pupils may have associated emotional and behavioural difficulties, but these will not be their primary presenting need. 

Places are commissioned by the local authority.  Applications for the admission of pupils who live outside Suffolk are considered, subject to the availability of places and transport decisions by the pupil’s home Local Authority.  Pupils with statements or EHC Plans naming the school are admitted. 

A detailed base line assessment takes place during the first half term of a pupil’s placement. The base line data is used to set targets that are incorporated into Individual Education Plans (IEPs).