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Castle East

Attendance Matters

At Castle EAST School we  aspire to achieve in all aspects of our pupils’ lives.  We understand that the first step in this process is building a positive routine of constant daily attendance and we understand that this is best achieved by building supportive relationships with our pupils and their families in order to provide an environment where all of our pupils feel safe, secure and valued.

We understand that some of our pupils may have previously found it challenging to maintain consistent school attendance and we are committed to supporting the pupils and their families to ensure that their school attendance is good, allowing them to fully immerse themselves into all aspects of school life and build positive relationships with staff and peers.


We have a dedicated Inclusion Team that work with families proactively to support with any attendance issues or concerns. We believe that strong positive communication between home and school is key to being able to predict and prevent attendance issues from escalating.


Castle EAST Attendance Triangle

Attendance Triangle


If you have any questions , concerns or would like any additional information or support with regards to your child school attendance please contact your child’s class tutor or call the main school office.