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Castle East

Intentions & Aspirations

As a communication and interaction specialist provision our ambition for our pupils is to ensure that they are able to leave us with the best life chances that we can give them.

Our GROW ethos is the foundation of our approach.

We want our pupils to:

Guide and listen to their own voice and feelings and be aware that others around them will also support them.

Raise the roof of resilience and be able to approach life challenges with confidence.

Openly celebrate their achievement and the achievement of others.

Work together to develop their social interaction skills and enjoy working with others.



This is why…

  • We teach the curriculum so pupils experience success and aspire to achieve their full potential
  • Our bespoke 3H curriculum has been developed to support the diverse communication and interaction needs of our pupils
  • Robust tracking and intervention means that our pupils are fully supported
  • Excellent professional development ensures that the very best teachers, support staff and professionals are working with our pupils
  • We are meticulous in the review and development of our practice
  • We have established a culture and environment that supports and celebrates neurodiversity
  • We are all committed to quality first teaching
  • Pupil voice is an integral part of our school
  • We collaborate with parents and carers to underpin our shared commitment to equality of experience and opportunity for all pupils.
  • We have created a nurturing and happy environment underpinned by collective responsibility where our pupils feel cared for and safe
  • Pupils feel safe to take risks in both their learning and social development