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Castle EAST School will be following the national curriculum, as appropriate, but with flexibility of delivery and approach to ensure we meet the communication and interaction needs of our pupils. All aspects of the curriculum will be delivered using a multisensory approach to ensure teaching and learning has the strongest impact on the progress of our pupils.

Pupils will be taught within their key stages and will access a specifically designed, holistic curriculum that blends national curriculum expectations alongside communication and interaction need as outlined in their Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs). Pupils will access a curriculum that prepares them for post-16 education, both academically and socially.

Within all aspects of the school day there is an emphasis on building the pupils communication and interaction skills. This will be done in a range of ways to suit our pupils’ profile of need but common approaches will include:

· The use of visual time tables, work schedules and other visual supports to structure the school day

· The use of strategies to support with understanding of and regulation of pupils’ emotions

· Comic strip conversations

· Social stories

· Access to appropriate models of language

· A focus on raising aspiration so that pupils make excellent progress academically and socially

· Teaching that engages all pupils, builds their self-confidence and enables them to ‘have a voice’

Primary Curriculum 2023-24

Secondary Curriculum 2023-24